With this week’s holiday, we all stop to consider the things for which we give thanks. We are so grateful for all of you who follow us and read these blogs. We love getting your comments which make us feel more connected to you from the road. And, we are grateful that this lifestyle has allowed us to see some of you along the way.

Of course, we are most thankful for all of our family, especially our two sons who are on their own adventure as they continue their college years and travel the world themselves. They are truly our home base, wherever they are, and we are so proud of them.

And as we travel through the country, we are also grateful for the beauty that God has created and the friendly people that we meet along the way. We hope that you enjoy your favorite people this season and take time to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all. For those of you who are still seeking your “RV Lifestyle,” whatever that may be, know that every day brings the potential for adventure and beauty if you look for it.

Here are some photos from Arkansas and the Smokey Mountains.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hello to the Bentons!
    I greatly enjoy reading your blog, too. It’s fun to see where you are. I saw on the calendar that you will be in Austin so I would love to catch up over lunch or dinner if you have time. Happy Holidays!

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