As we travel around the country, we hear a constant refrain: “If you don’t like the weather in [Insert area of the country here], just stick around a few minutes…it’ll change.” I don’t know how that phrase got started but I can tell you that we lived it during our recent Big Bend National Park Photography Workshop.

David and I arrived a couple of days early to do some last-minute planning and shooting and had beautiful skies and great weather. Unfortunately, our luck began changing just as our workshop attendees were arriving. They were coming in from all over Texas and as far away as Minnesota so we were determined to make the best of our time there.

The Big Bend National Park has some of the darkest skies in the country and is an excellent place from which to capture great milky way and night sky photos. The texture of the land, the ambience of nearby Terlingua Ghost Town and the wide open Texas skies usually lend themselves to amazing nighttime photography. Luckily, it also lends itself to wonderful storm photography as well. And, to the credit of our fellow photographers, they were understanding and nimble as we called several audibles during the workshop in order to take advantage of what Big Bend was offering us.

Below are a few of Barry’s favorite photos from the workshop. If you want to see our other workshops, go to

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