August 12, 2018, we set off from Texas in our new home, a 37 foot Itasca Meridian. After a full year living on the road in a RV, we have incredible memories, an intact sense of humor and a growing spirit of adventure. We even still like each other!

The Jeep in tow

When we first started out, we moved almost every week so we could see all the places on our list, but we realized that this was not sustainable and we can never see it “all.” So we have slowed down, preferring to stay a few weeks in one place and enjoy the local area. We have curbed our expectations of how much we can “fit” in and find that we prefer to stay in the smaller towns than the big cities when possible. This allows us to enjoy local festivals, independent stores, and lots of farmers’ markets.

To celebrate our first year on the road, we thought we would share highlights from the year.

Parthenon in Nashville

Our travels have allowed us to see a lot of beautiful sites and given Barry opportunities to get creative with his photography. While sunrise does come early (too early, I always say when invited), he has ventured out at daybreak and sunset to capture beautiful images. He is also gathering great ideas and spots to share in workshops for anyone who likes to travel and photograph.

Downtown Atlanta at sunset (top left), Fountain in Forsyth Park in Savannah, and Falling Falls in Arkansas in autumn (one of Barry’s upcoming workshop sites).

One of our favorite parts of travel is visiting the local events and festivals. This year, we were able to celebrate Halloween at the Tannehill Ironworks, usher in winter with Ullr, and see a re-enactment at the Hermitage in Nashville. Our favorite was the International snow sculpture competition in Breckenridge.

Music is such a part of every community. In some like Nashville and New Orleans, it is part of daily life and the culture of the city. In others, it is a great opportunity for community such as the Drum Circle every Friday in Asheville. We have also happened upon music in several communities including a chance encounter with Morris Day and the Time, a rollicking community event.

Opryland (top left), Drum Circle in Asheville (top right), Biltmore Conservatory, Morris Day and the Time in Carrollton, GA (middle), and Frenchmen Street in New Orleans (bottom).

Some of our favorite days are spent enjoying local fare and visiting local stores (okay, more my favorite days than the devoted husband’s). We have tasted chai across the states and sampled lots of great food.

So in a rapid fire round of favorites so far…

Attraction: Biltmore Estate

City visited: Breckenridge, CO

Bookstore: Underground Books in Carrollton, GA

Church visited: Cathedral of St. Louis

Hikes and waterfalls: Asheville, NC

Artist community: Asheville River District area

But as always, the best memories are those where we got to enjoy time with friends and family. We are so blessed that we have gotten to visit lots of old friends and make some new ones this year. We are so looking forward to sharing more time with everyone in the coming year as we venture out for our 2nd year of Picturing RV Life. Thanks for coming along for all of you reading our blog and please share with your friends – the more the merrier!

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  1. What an amazing year. Such a tremendous adventure. This may be hard to top. The photographs are fantastic. Can’t wait to see where the road takes you next.

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