The birds are chirping, grass is greener, there was a full day of sunshine, and yesterday the calendar declared it officially spring. Can it be? Like us, I am sure many of you are ready for some consistently nice weather. It has been a huge learning curve to live in a RV in subfreezing temperatures and it has been hard to stay confined inside so much. So I am thrilled to see some hints of spring.

Luckily, we are also at Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama for this change in seasons. Surrounded by 300 of our closest friends at the RV Entrepreneur Summit (more on that in future), so not does the weather encourage us to get outside but so does the company. It certainly feels like spring might actually be here – we even hit 65 yesterday.

Our neighbors, Living A Stout Life, share their craft beer knowledge with some folks –
outside and no jackets. A sure sign of spring!

Enjoy some recent signs of spring here in Alabama. And maybe not surprisingly when you view them, all pictures are by Debra.

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