Denver is a great place to visit, especially when your sons happen to be close-by! We spent a couple weeks in the Denver area before and after Breckenridge. It felt more like a visit home where you replenish and fix up some things, maybe because we saw the boys more.

Speaking of fixing things up, we had our first RV encounter with service as we had to spend a couple nights at the Cummins Engine service center and even had to stay a couple nights in a hotel as they had Big Al in the shop. It is a strange thing when your house is also a vehicle and it goes to the service person instead of the service person coming to you!

Overall, Denver was fun. We were there at Valentines so Jason drove in from Fort Collins and we all went to dinner. The food was okay (we tried The Bindery, new spot near downtown), but the conversation was great! It is a new world when you have adult children and they start having interesting opinions and share viewpoints that you haven’t considered. We decided to start a book club and Drew had picked When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi as our first book. It is a very thought-provoking book with interesting takes on life and death so the conversation was fascinating.

At Christmas, the boys received Atlas Obscura , a strange book (and website come to find out) filled with oddities that you can visit. We chose to try one of their suggestions out while in Denver and visited the International Church of Cannabis, which is of course in the Mile High City! It is an interesting and colorful spot, where the congregants or Elevationists as they are called, use “the sacred flower to reveal the best version of self.” No, there was not a service going on while we were there so it was strictly just a look around.

The museum entrance.
So, if you’ve had a little cannibas and you look up and see this…are you comforted or a little freaked out?
A very colorful church…
As you exit the “Church.”

Downtown, we visited Capital Hill and saw Denver’s more historical side including some beautiful architecture and churches. We ate at Steubens Food Service, an old-fashioned diner with modern twists to old classics. Great food and lots of fun characters on staff. We also went to Central Market, a great spot to pick up great treats like chocolate from Temper or baked goods at the Izzio. A delicious group of vendors with something for everyone!

Camp was at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora. This is a lovely area and would be gorgeous in spring and summer with lots of trails, a huge dammed lake, and wildlife including deer, owls, and I am pretty sure some wolves who enjoyed the full moon.

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