While skiing is the typical activity in Breckenridge, there are many other fun things to do as well. Typically, we have not explored many of them since we were only in the area for a week and the skiers didn’t want to lose a day doing something else. With a month in Breck, we were able to explore more and live more like a local.

The Snowshoe Trail

Snowshoeing was offered through the Gold Run Nordic Center so we headed out on the evening of the new moon in hopes of seeing lots of stars. Sadly, it was a cloudy night so no vast array of stars, but it was a beautiful still night. It was just the two of us and a guide so we were able to enjoy the peace and stop whenever we needed (and since I was still acclimating to the altitude, that was often) We glimpsed a fox, a moose and several animal tracks. Our guide was very knowledgable so he would point out the tracks or the trees and tell us what they were. Knowing nothing, I just took him at his word! He also gave us a great history lesson on the area and took us to an old mine where they found silver ore. Snowshoeing is like hiking, but more fun since it was on snow which makes everything have a peaceful, beautiful glisten.

Me in snowshoes examining a moose “bed”

I have wanted to try snowmobiling for years so was excited that Jason (my youngest son) was happy to join me for the day. Luckily, we had a sunny and clear day. We drove up to Leadville, the “highest” city in Colorado and were rewarded with gorgeous views of the range. Once we got geared up and taught the basics by our guide at High Country Snowmobile Tours, he took the two of us through the trails, past mining ruins and beautiful forests of trees. We ended at a large opening overlooking the range, which was beautiful with the snow-topped mountains, frozen lakes in the distance and miles of views. It was an incredible, exhilarating ride as I got up to 50 mph. Next time though, I want to be a passenger so I can really watch the scenery.

Breckenridge has plenty to do besides outdoor activities. We attended the local production of Alone, Maine, (or at least the first act – it was not our cup of tea.) The Creative Arts District also includes sheds with opportunities to try multiple crafts such as ceramics, painting, glasswork, etc. We took a pottery class where we were taught how to mold a mug or container. It wasn’t exactly a romantic Ghost moment with the pottery wheel, but it was lots of fun and creative.

And of course, we also enjoyed quiet days and evenings in our cozy rig. With scenery like this, you can happily sit by the window and read or work.

View out our window

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