As we travel through the United States, there are a lot of decisions to make.  One we have been debating since hitting the road:  What do you have to do to consider a US state as “done?”   Motorhomes often have maps on the sides and the owners use stickers to show where they have been.  So, how do you decide you can fill in a state?

It doesn’t seem right to count states we are just driving through or spend only one or two nights.  It feels like we need to have a unique local experience, to learn something about its history, or experience a favorite site.

2018_10_06 Carrollton GA-44
A local favorite in GA

So, we started a list to consider an area “done.”  Naturally to check them all off, it also means we have to be there more than just a few days.  Take a look and let us know what we are missing:

  1. Buy groceries at a local grocery, not just chains we know.
  2. Visit a farmer’s market when available
  3. Have a date night
  4. Attend a local church service
  5. Enjoy the local specialities, whether a type of food or local beverages
  6. Visit at least one “famous” site (at least, well-known or important to the area)
Harrison, AR – This grocery store has been in business since the 1920s.
Local wineries and distilleries are on the list


While there are other things we like to do as we visit like find the independent bookstores or check out the chai tea at local coffee shops, those might not need to be on the checklist.  As much as possible, we do try to shop and eat locally.

The other question is – if you just visit one city in the state, it that enough?  Or for larger states like Texas or California, do you have to do more than one city but in states like Kansas or Rhode Island, one is enough?

What do you think constitutes having visited the state and being able to “check it off?”Tell us what you think or suggest other checkpoints for our list.

2018_10_07 Carrollton GA Church-2
Church in Carrollton, GA where actress Susan Hayward is buried.


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  1. This is great and super smart. We only do “spent the night” but I like your idea better!

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