It might surprise you that days in the RV don’t differ too much from days spent in Plano – hours of work, some housekeeping, cooking, then sleep with an occasional dinner out or hike.  On occasion, there is an experience we could only get while traveling, but the day is mostly normal. But then you have a day that reminds you why you sold your house to travel and see our country.

After months of getting used to Big Al (the RV) and Barry traveling for work most weeks, we had a Saturday with no obligations. Our campsite at Little Tallapoosa Park, about an hour from Atlanta, was minutes from the small town of Carrollton, GA.  We decided to act as locals and explore the area.

First stop,  the local Farmer’s Market.  Farmer’s Markets are great tastes of the local area.  We enjoy visiting the Markets to pick up some fresh produce, but also to see the local artisans. (link to Plano market blog).  Carrollton Market had a small turnout, but some delicious looking produce especially lettuces.  After a quick stop, we headed downtown to Carrollton’s historic square.


We chose Plates on the Square for brunch and were treated to some delicious southern food.  Being from Texas, we assumed the small wire funnels on everyone’s tables had some chips or small crackers, instead we had delicious southern biscuits with cinnamon sugar butter.  YUM!

I was excited to next visit Horton’s Bookstore.  First, I love bookstores!  Second, this is the oldest bookstore in GA and one of the oldest in the USA, founded in 1891.  The store featured gifts items, candy, and wonderful area downstairs for small groups, but the usual stars of the store are a couple of older (and very fat) cats.  Our visit, though, featured new stars as several adorable kittens were freely prowling around, hoping for adoption.

We noticed another bookstore across the street.  While Horton’s was historic,  the Underground Books was a delightful bookstore!  Just the kind of bookstore where I can get lost for hours.  Below street level, you step down into an area filled to the brim with books as well as literary paraphernalia like socks with book quotes (had to get some for the boys, but don’t tell them), first and rare editions, and a host of gift items.

It was the kind of store with a saggy couch to sit and read, rooms to explore, and displays highlighting staff favorites.  On our visit, they had an interesting display on books that have been banned over time.  We chatted with the store owner and learned she and her husband also had another independent bookstore in a nearby town.  She also told me about a podcast called “What Should I read Next,” by the author of the book I read.  (hint – fun podcast for my fellow bed lovers.)

As we continued around the square, we caffeinated up at the Gallery Row Coffee (which we revisited the next day and enjoyed their wifi on the patio while we planned our next trip).  As we visited the last store full of fun signs and antiques, we noticed come camp chairs set up in a small amphitheater next door.  The stage manager explained that neighbors came earlier to reserve their spots for the show.  So, who was playing – Morris Day and the Time.

We, however, had other musical plans for that night as we had read about the Big Little Jam, a day-long music festival on a private farm outside town.  We headed there and drove across a large meadow to a area filled with tents and campers as folks came for the weekend for great local talent.  If you were wondering where the hippies have gone, we found a good portion of them!

After some good music, we decided to head back to town and catch Morris Day and the Time.  It was truly him and he was going strong as the packed audience dancing and singing along.

2018_10_06 Carrollton GA-302018_10_06 Carrollton GA-42

A great day, enjoying the area like a local – one of our hopes for this adventure.  The experience reminded us of what was possible as we settle into this lifestyle and learn to balance work/play, explore/rest, indoor/outdoor.   We are learning some research is required or you don’t find things like Big Little Jam, but you also want to be open for surprises like Morris Day and the Time when you just put yourself in the right place!

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