One of the interesting aspects of the RV Life is choosing the type of place to stay along your journey.  There are a wide variety of places to park a motorhome, from “resorts” complete with water parks and putt putt to simple wooded areas with few amenities.  We have stayed in Corps of Engineers campgrounds, which are usually lovely wooded sites, and even a Cracker Barrel parking lot (definitely not natural!).  Recently though, we stayed at campground with a very unique feature – a Halloween extravaganza.

2018 Alabama Halloween-11


Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park is the site of an iron foundry where they made cannonballs for the Civil War.  Many of the historic buildings have been renovated and other historic buildings have been moved onsite.  And amid this history and the beautiful natural setting, Tannehill celebrates Halloween for the full month of October.

We were just looking for a place to stay one night between Louisiana and Georgia.  After a long winding road to arrive at the camp, we were surprised to learn they were full and saw a lot of kids playing around the grounds.  Luckily, they had one random spot at the picnic ground with electrical.  The office manager seemed surprised that we didn’t know what was going on at the park and explained how this was an annual event.

As we walked around, we saw that the park was packed with campers and motorhomes, most of which were finalizing their decorations.  We learned that campers bring in their rigs and set them up for the month, decorating their sites  in preparation for the end of the month festival.  It was clear that many of these families had been coming for years and ask for certain sites to specifically decorate.  It was a festive and friendly atmosphere, a wonderful tradition to stumble upon.


Do you decorate this much?

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