As we wind down the trip, we have learned many things and had a wonderful time. We so appreciate all the lovely comments and having you “along” for this ride.

As we wrap this trip and look to the future, stay tuned to this site as the journey might not be over.  This trip was a test and it looks like we passed.  We didn’t hurt one another, we enjoyed the freedom of the road, and we came away with an interest to try this again. So this is not the end but the beginning as we start an ongoing series from the road.  In the meantime, here are thoughts as we wrap up this trip.

  • As we reach empty-nesthood, Barry and I DO still have things to talk about, other than our children and, by God, we truly like each other.
  • You miss the small things at home  – like two-ply toilet paper that comes off a holder nailed to the wall instead of a hard-to-reach pocket to keep it dry from the shower.
  • Public showers are really not that bad,  just don’t forget your shower shoes
  • When traveling in a camper, it is best to stay more than one night in one place – it is a beating to unhook and level nightly!
  • Small towns offer some interesting perspectives and fun non-chainstore shopping
  • Waze calculates ETA based on the speed she thinks you should travel, and does not take into consideration the speed you are traveling, despite actually showing  your current speed
  • The difference between a queen and king sized bed is enormous, especially when there is only one way in. Barry seemed to enjoy that I had to climb over him to get to my “side” of the bed
  • Barry has skills I didn’t know and can dump a camper without mishap, thank goodness

As as we approach home, I am looking forward to a few things like:

  • Wearing different clothes and shoes than what I packed
  • Taking a long shower, or maybe even a bath, just because I can
  • Having wifi that I can count on (we have become so spoiled!)

20171030-1470But I will miss…

  • Stars that seem brighter and more abundant – and noticing them
  • Hikes in mountains and beautiful natural settings
  • Exploring new places
  • Feeling totally free of schedules, yet able to stay connected

So stay tuned and thank you again for coming along for the ride.  We are blessed!  (By the way, if you hit follow on this site, you will be sent an email whenever we post so you can stay tuned easier.)



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  1. Great blog! Felt like we were along with you the whole way…which would have been quite difficult given the accommodations. 🙂 We look forward to future adventures and your blogs.

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