The rocks tell stories, the crystals heal, and the people proudly discuss their connection to the earth.  Sedona is a town well known as a place for great spiritual awakening and attracts many people for this aspect of its history.  I was excited to open myself to these possibilities and explore the many aspects of spirituality here in Sedona.

Outside a chapel in Tlaquepaqye

Perhaps it is the strong Native American influence and history in this area or the documented vibrations of the vortexes, but this town openly shares their spirit side and touts it with shops, tours, and retreats.   On my own spiritual path to a greater connection, I decided to openly embrace these different views and see if any fit.

My first priority was a vortex tour.  From my reading, I knew where to find the main vortexes and as documented in our hiking blog, I meditated at several of them.  I never felt transported or the swirling energy that some describe, but my energy during meditation was deeper and easier.  I certainly felt a strong connection to many of the rocks,  seeing many guardians and images in the rocks, thought sadly none had a message to give me.

The spirit of nature is so alive here. Even the trees inspire you with their tenacity to live.

One day, I took a tour with Crystal Starrweaver.  With that name, you know that she is deeply connected and trained in the Native American ways.  She took me to several special places where you could not help but feel the calm, the history and the clarity.  One spot overlooked the Seven Canyons and is well-known as a place for those on spiritual journeys.  Here were various guardians of the valley as well as prophecy rock, where Native American shamans would receive messages.  Trained in the Native American medicine wheels, Crystal walked me through the messages of the sacred stones in the wheel, then led me through the quadrants and ceremony of  setting intentions, facing obstacles, releasing fears and gathering the abundant gifts of this world.  It was very similar to the work I am doing through my coaching training.

Several of the Seven Canyons

Another wonderful aspect of Sedona is the deep embracing of the earth and its gifts.  I especially enjoyed the stories and seeing the beauty of the many crystals sold throughout Sedona.  While I purchased several, I did find one particularly seemed to resonate with me.  It is said to assist you in your meditation to connect to universal energies and I definitely feel a greater quiet in my monkey brain when I sit with it in my hand to meditate.


Along with crystals, there is great discussion of chakras  in this area.  In one store, they offered chakra alignment, which helps to clear blocked energy or chi so you can have greater health.  Having had a stiff neck and shoulders for a couple of months, I was curious to see if this might assist me after two people has suggested that I was holding on to a burden that needed releasing as part of my healing.  Of the things I tried, this connected the most with me physically.  I definitely felt my energy increase and a letting go of tension as she worked on me.  At one point, there was a definite feeling of swirling energy from my knees to my head.

Interestingly, as I talked with various people or tried the various techniques, I often got a similar message.  This is a time of great transformation for me and I first need to relax and restore as I wait for my next step.  Clearly, this advice makes complete sense to me and seems to dovetail well with our current plans as we turn towards home.

The mantra I was given, I like the part about playing!


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