Sedona has beautiful vistas, iconic rock formations, and electromagnetic vortexes, which are said to have great energetic power. Many of the vortexes were located near the famous rocks, so we were excited to hike and experience both the sight and the energy.

Now, let’s also set the record straight – when I say hike, I mean going out with 20 ounces of water and a snack bar to walk trails for a few hours. We are not hardcore hikers, with strong compass, vertical hiking, or trail map skills.

The first hike was the morning of the ill-fated sunrise hike. This was at Airport Mesa, one of the key Sedona vortex spots. We arrived early and parked at the foot of the scenic overlook. Seeing signs for the Airport Overlook pointing up the trail, we decided to go higher up the hill to see if we could get a better view. Note the words – UP the hill.  So we hiked up hill for about a half mile only to find a larger parking lot right at the overlook.  Oh, well, it was good exercise!  While a great view of the town, it was crowded and not the feel we wanted so we hiked back down to a outcrop in the hill.

While Barry took some photos, I settled on my mat to meditate and feel the vortex energy. I can’t say I felt any sudden swoosh or swirling vibration, but I did feel a strong sense of calm, which could have been the vortex energy, the early morning quietness or the fact that I usually don’t fully awake until well after 9 a.m.


Next stop – Cathedral Rock, a vortex site said to have a more female or yin energy thus more soothing or calming energy. This site definitely brought me an inner peace with all its beauty and surrounding scenery.  Apparently though, our hike vibes were still off. We intended to hike Baldwin Loop around to the backside of Cathedral where Oak Canyon Creek runs to get a beautiful view of the water and rock. Clearly not reading the signage well and avoiding the steep climb straight up the rock, we took a trail that led us around but away from the Rock. While not our intention, we did get a beautiful (and fairly easy) hike as well as a different view of the Rock. In Sedona, the Rocks are living beings and as you watch the rocks, you see images, much like when you were a kid and would watch clouds. Clearly this is a common pastime in Sedona, as even the smaller rock formations have names based on the image seen in it.

Cathedral Rock from the front
Standing on the bottom of Cathedral Rock, nice backdrop!
Feeling the calming and warm energy from the rocks!


Our last “big” hike was up the Yavapia trail to a get a view of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte in the setting sun. We got there right at the “golden hour” so they were spectacularly lit. At Bell Rock, there is another vortex said to have a more stimulating and healing energy. While we were not on the actual Rock, I will admit that this hike seemed easier despite being uphill and over rocks.  I enjoyed my meditation on this rock as Barry shot the sunset.  It was fun to watch the Bell Rock as the sun set.  There were clearly changing faces on it.  My favorite was as I watched the sun light up the opening in the side of the Rock.  I clearly could see a Native American woman, wearing a bear headdress, with her mouth wide open, laughing. Perhaps that was the playful energy I felt while meditating.

Look carefully, can you see the woman laughing?  The taller rock with the open “mouth”?

Hiking in Sedona is an experience for all and we highly recommend it, even if you have never hiked an inch in your life!


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  1. Love looking at the gorgeous pictures! Between your words and pictures I️ feel like I’m there! Sounds like y’all are having a super time!!

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