Photographing Sedona – Part 1

Sometimes, plans just don’t go as planned! With such gorgeous scenery, we were looking forward to hiking and capturing beautiful images. However, Mother Nature was feeling a bit mischievous during our stay and didn’t want to cooperate with our schedule.

20171107-1587It started with our first morning when we got up early to capture sunrise at Airport Mesa.   And anyone that knows me, knows that early morning is not my time of the day! However, we were in Sedona and I was looking forward to beautiful vistas.  As we got in place, clouds rolled in, keeping the sun hidden until halfway through the morning.

We did get a wonderful view of the town as it woke up and the amazing vistas of the backside of Airport Mesa.

These trees grew in the most unlikely places.  A statement of faith and persistence.

Fast forward to sunset, the day had cleared, so we were scouting the best vantage point for sunset when the clouds rolled back in. Deciding not to waste time getting somewhere and hoping for clearer skies, we choose to take care of errands instead. When Barry went back out to the car, the sun burst through the clouds and gave him a beautiful golden sunset, from Whole Foods parking lot! Quick thinking, he captured it on his cell phone.

sunset at Whole Foods-2016
Amazing what an iphone can capture.

The best known shot of Sedona is Cathedral Rock with Oak Creek waters in the foreground. This is a great shot to get at sunset, with the red rocks of Cathedral Rock glowing.  We arrived in plenty of time – just behind a number of other photographers with the same idea. Assuming it would be a long hike, we were geared up with hiking boots, water, hats, etc.  Following the ranger’s directions, we headed to the corner of the parking lot to a dirt trail that lead to a space a few yards wide and only a few yards from the parking lot.  Oh well, being over prepared is never a bad thing, right?  And I had the opportunity to meditate to the sound of rushing water while Barry elbowed the other photographers for placement.

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With our two sons away at college, it is time for my wonderful husband, Barry, and me to discover our next chapter. We plan to have some adventures and share them along with great photography (Barry is a professional photographer). And along the way, we will likely have some fun and learn a lot as we try on living in a small box on wheels.

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