As noted by Barry in his post, I flew off and left him to drive Route 66 on his own this weekend.   As some of you know, I am training through the Martha Beck Institute to be a life coach or as some call it a Wayfinder – someone who helps others find their way to their greater happiness. This weekend, we had our Meet and Greet workshop in California. It was an amazing couple of days sharing and learning, hearing Martha speak, and, of course, staying in a hotel room larger than this camper. I think it made Barry a bit nervous when I sent him pictures of the shower and bathroom.  He wasn’t sure I would come back.  But I did, after enjoying very long nice showers at the hotel!


Do I look zen?  This is what a good shower and king bed to yourself will do!

The weekend was magical in many ways.  San Luis Obispo is beautiful and I saw a whale and dolphins frolicking in the bay.  This thrills me to no end.  Something about those animals seems very magical to me.  I also got to spend time with a soulmate friend, Jenn. IMG_0484We met through this training and talk weekly to practice, share, and coach each other so it was fantastic to finally hug her!  It feels like we have known each other for years!

Plus, we were able to learn from some master coaches and watch them in action as well as have Martha share her magic.  This course is really helping me develop skills that I felt I had lost or forgot I had.  And it added some great ideas for helping others.  This weekend renewed my spirit and belief in what is possible.  I hope that I can pass this along to my clients and help them to also find their spirit.

Crazy Californians pull these out like weeds!

I am back now and picking back up my posting responsibilities. Back to tiny showers and our cozy little camper.  And very excited to be here in Sedona which has so much spiritual energy after such a great weekend.  I am excited to see what happens next!



This might be why the hotel was called The Cliffs.

Note:  These photos are all iphone and by me so not up quite up to normal Benton standards.

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