Note:  We forgot to post this last week so forgive our tardiness.  This was written last Friday, Nov. 3.

One of our favorite places is Santa Fe.  There is something about this town that refreshes our spirit and inspires us.  While we did not do a long day of hiking in the desert mountain today or visit a lot of galleries, we were nevertheless reminded of the magic of this place.

Something in the air here inspires artistic flair whether it is by being an artist or just expressing your individual style.  We met several people today that expressed that Santa Fe flair in their clothes and their open and friendly attitude.  We also walked up and down Canyon Road, home of so many galleries where the vibe of artistry and creativity imbibes you.


While normally we browse the art galleries, today we decided to experience the more gastronomic arts.  Being non-coffee drinkers, we were thrilled to find The Teahouse.  It was a wonderful start to our afternoon to enjoy a couple of their more than 100 teas out on a sunny patio along with a gluten free scone that might be the best I have ever had.  I had the Stimulating tea and Barry has his usual Dirty Chai, then I had to try the Matcha Honey Lavender Latte.  All very tasty!

Our food tour continued onto the Chocolate Trail.  Apparently, chocolate making is another form of art in Santa Fe and we experienced several of the city’s best.  Our favorite was Kakawa Chocolate House on Paseo de Peralta.  Not only did they have beautiful chocolates, but also chocolate elixirs.  And really if it is an elixir, that means it is healthy, right?!  So we tried the chili elixir and the chai elixir.  And to be sure we were fairly assessing them, we also tried their truffles – the french dark and the blueberry basil.  While that might not sound like a good mix, it was surprisingly tasty with the right mix of blueberry and basil.  Not only was this shop yummy, but it was really set up for you to stay and relax to enjoy your chocolate.  My conclusion after watching a steady stream of people come in and the two young ladies handle them all with calm and grace, chocolate makes people happier and calm.  So stay calm and carry chocolate.



We also visited Todos Santos and The Chocolatesmith as well as a sweet little family run shop in the Plaza Galeria off the downtown square.  Todos was more art than chocolate, specializing in cultural art of the area.   Chocolatesmith was your more standard chocolate store with a large kitchen where you could watch them make the tasty treats.


We then drove out from town to see the beauty of the setting sun and meet the Camelrock in person.  We were treated to an amazing nearly full moon as it crested over the mountains.  It looked huge as it came over the hills!

And to top off tour de food, we had dinner at Cafe Pasquale’s Art Gallery, a mix of all the wonderful artistry of Santa Fe with the art on the walls, delicious food, and yummy chocolate dessert.  Another wonderful day on the road!


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