Debra doesn’t make too many mistakes. However, she did the time…she left me the username and password for the blog.

I dropped her off at the airport on Friday morning. It was a nice drive in since the trip from Santa Fe to ABQ airport was a pretty decent drop in elevation. I ventured into a Starbucks west of town to make sure she got on the plane (non-rev) successfully and to get some work done. Both goals were met. I was then left with a dilemma…where do I go from here? So many questions and I didn’t have my trusted navigator with me. Where do I camp on the way to Sedona? Do I boondock (see previous Word of the Day) or do I find an RV Park or something in between? After a bit of research (using an app called All Stays), I came across the Homolovi Ruins State Park near Winslow, AZ. This was nearly perfect…I could spend some time “Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona…” to see what all the fuss was about and I could stay at a State Park that had a 5-star rating on All Stays (very rare). Plus, there were ruins at the park. The park had sites with electricity & water and a nearby dump station…what else could you ask in a park?

Homolovi Ruins State Park

I arrived around 4:45 PM, got hooked up, and began to get the trailer setup for the weekend. That evening I drove into Winslow to do laundry. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera so no pics of me washing and folding clothes. The next morning I, with clean clothes on, ventured back into Winslow. Route 66 runs through the middle of a very small downtown area and, there at the corner, was a dude standing…just like Duke Ellington (yes, Duke Ellington penned the lyrics to “Take it Easy”) wrote and the Eagles sang.

As I stood at this corner and heard the endless loop of Eagles songs blaring from the souvenir store nearby, I wondered…what other cities have capitalized on being mentioned in a popular song? Can you think of any? Comment below!


I left the park early this morning and am in Flagstaff. A brief break to feed the very thirsty Jeep, grab some caffeine and wifi. Off to Sedona…

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