Taking the Plunge

Well, we finally had to do it.  The time had come, the campsite we chose for Santa Fe had shut down their showers and bathroom facilities for the season.  Our only choice was to shower in our camper bathroom.

I cannot tell you how much I dreaded this.  The space of the shower is 2 by 2 with a toilet adding to the area, but taking up the room you would normally stand in.  There is a tiny faucet that thankfully does produce hot water, but in a trickle that barely takes off soap. After shampooing my thick hair, I am still not sure I got out all the soap.   I can only say that that shampoo alone was reason enough to have cut four inches off my hair before this trip.

It wasn’t the worst experience I have had, but it is definitely a reason to get a bigger camper and to look forward to getting home!

P.S.  Since Barry now thinks I must have a word for the day, the word is Lilliputian.


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With our two sons away at college, it is time for my wonderful husband, Barry, and me to discover our next chapter. We plan to have some adventures and share them along with great photography (Barry is a professional photographer). And along the way, we will likely have some fun and learn a lot as we try on living in a small box on wheels.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge”

  1. That is impressive. Both the efficient use of space and your ability to use it as such. Question: What if someone has to use the toilet while someone else is showering? Thank goodness there is only 2 of you!


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