Monday was a nearly a perfect day.  It was the right blend of work and play with the right mix of society and nature.   It was the type of day we envisioned when planning this trip.  The weather was chilly and beautifully sunny.  We worked in the morning, took care of a few life needs and went for a hike in a beautiful setting (as described in yesterday’s blog.)  We ended the evening by cooking dinner and enjoying wine with candles.  Barry teased me that this is my version of camping, which I did not see as an issue.

Wine candles dinner

Tuesday was a different story.   Waking to an overcast sky, we overslept through our planned hiking time so went straight to work, then spent time shutting down camp to travel.  As our first experience in shutting down camp, we ran the hoses and did the first dump.  Luckily all went well, though I took lots of pictures of Barry, just in case. Barry with HoseThe wind was working against us so driving was difficult and took longer than we hoped.  We arrived in Santa Rosa, NM just before dark and were able to find a camp to stay overnight.  Luckily, it did have hookups so not another boondock.


That said, even a day that wasn’t perfect was a day away from “real life” and had fun moments.  We were woken up by a rafter (#wordoftheday) of wild turkeys.  Apparently the Tom wanted his morning love and the ladies did not care to oblige.  I wish I had a picture of him in his full glory – chest puffed out, feathers fully on display, chasing the hens on his skinny turkey legs.  It was hilarious… and loud!

And at our new site, we were able to take a nice walk before it got dark and found some very cool slate rock beds.  So while a day closed up in the Jeep and camper, it was still a nice day.  We are on the road and living this dream.  There is something cool about just that!  And here is to hoping for more perfect days on the road.

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