20171030-1409Driving to Wichita Falls to boondock does not count as a first day so today is our true Day One of the trip. Destination – Palo Duro Canyon. A few things already learned:

  1. Waze does not understand that when pulling 3000 pounds, one cannot go faster than 63 mph so estimated arrival times are misleading and generate false hope. Do you know how defeating it is to be driving along, look down and see that your estimated time of arrival is later than when you left? SAD in the words of someone who tweets a lot!
  2. There is a VERY noticeable difference between King and Queen sized beds. After 23 years in a king bed, sleeping together in a queen is very close quarters.
  3. Always put the wheel chock behind the wheel of the trailer before you unhitch the Jeep. Luckily, this was an easily learned lesson, nothing bad happened – just a scary jolt.
  4. Debra CAN drive a jeep pulling a camper and did for three hours while Barry slept off a migraine, perhaps caused by sleeping in a queen sized bed (see above) where I believe he has a generous sliver of the bed.
  5. When you make new purchases for a trip, check that the plugs fit in the camper BEFORE arriving at campsite, preferably while still at home and electronic stores are handy. Oh, well, who needs wifi anyway?
  6. Jeeps, which already get horrible gas mileage, get about 10 miles per gallon when pulling 3000 lbs.
  7. Wildlife actually exists, not just in zoos! And it sometimes walk right past you in the campsite, so keep an eye out.


Overall, a good first day. We arrived safely at Palo Duro. The weather was warmer than expected and much buggier. We had our first dinner inside the camper (there were a LOT of flies and mosquitos) and an early bedtime after the long drive.   Tomorrow starts the experiment of balancing work and travel.

P.S.  The author wishes to acknowledge that this is a partial vacation which typically means make up is optional.  (Yes, Kelly Ann, that is a flexible rule)  Please be advised that this will be a consistent theme in all pictures.  Also note that clothes are changed daily, despite the fact that, due to cold weather, it looks like the same clothes are worn.

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  1. This is like waiting for each new episode in a favorite TV series. I’m not sure if this qualifies yet as Drama or Comedy, probably a bit of both! Definitely living vicariously through you until I can get away! I’ll send you some pics of our rig set up this weekend!

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