Today’s vocabulary word, children, is boondocking.   Boondocking is when you camp somewhere in your recreational vehicle with no water or power hook-ups. As in, spending the night in the parking lot behind the Cracker Barrel in Wichita Falls, Texas.   If you had told me 26 years ago (when Barry asked me to marry him) that it meant I would one day sleep behind a Cracker Barrel, I might have answered differently.

Cracker Barrel is very welcoming to RV and truckers and have special angled spaces, sized extra long in the back, so you can easily pull in and spend the night. In payment, they ask that you eat one meal with them. We were the only camper when we arrived at 8:45 p.m. and one of the few dinner patrons. Cracker Barrel must not be as big of a hangout spot as one might assume on a Saturday night in Wichita Falls!

As we left the Cracker Barrel to walk around to the back of the building, I had such a surreal feeling. I was actually walking to the back parking lot of a Cracker Barrel to sleep in a camper – what parallel life had I stepped into!

So the first night in a camper found us with only the water that the tanks hold and limited electrical. Luckily we did have heat as the weather was in the low 40s!

One day down in our expedition and we all have a new vocabulary word that we can use in a sentence: The Bentons were boondocking at a Cracker Barrel.

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With our two sons away at college, it is time for my wonderful husband, Barry, and me to discover our next chapter. We plan to have some adventures and share them along with great photography (Barry is a professional photographer). And along the way, we will likely have some fun and learn a lot as we try on living in a small box on wheels.

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