When we first starting planning this trip, we knew we would have to be flexible and expected surprises along the way. I just didn’t think they would start before we even got the RV.

We rented a trailer from a very nice guy here in Plano through Outdoorsy, a sort of Air BNB for RVs. We arranged to pick it up this coming Saturday and leave for Palo Duro Canyon that night. Then, four days ago, we got a text that our rental was cancelled. Apparently the previous renter had a wreck and repairs would take three weeks – our entire trip. Suddenly, with food already prepared, clothes and needed supplies piled up throughout the house, we found ourselves prepared for a trip with no vehicle! Is there a Plan B?

Barry was in San Francisco when he got the news and is traveling all week. So we both jumped onto the RV Rentals sites to find options. Since the plan is to pull the RV trailer with the Jeep, we were limited in the weight of the trailer. It had to be less than 3500 lbs, before filling it. The hardest thing to find out about the possible rentals was the weight. You would think folks would state it up front!  I learned a lot about size and weights of campers. Bottom line – if it is big enough for me to feel like it will be comfortable and roomy, we can’t pull it!

Luckily by Tuesday night, Barry had rented another Rpod trailer. So the trip is back on 48 hours after it was cancelled. The adventure begins on Saturday!

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  1. I promise I’ll be following every post & comment! Have fun! Towed mine to the deer camp today and looked no forward to using it over the next several weeks.

  2. Mark down sense of humor to go with flexibility —it comes in handy !

    Love the pull out slide on that RV that’s great !

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